The Magic is Returning

After thirty years, I’ve decided to reenter the video game industry with a game concept that’s been brewing in my mind for a long time. My desire to reenter this space is at least partly because I encounter very few games that are fun to play, particularly for those of us who grew up in an era when games were simpler, more engaging, and easier to get into. In the years since I wrote The Bard’s Tale, I haven’t played many games like that. I can explain why games like that are harder to find, but I’m not writing this to justify my design theory. I’m writing this to share something exciting. The game I have in mind is all of those things, and more. The magic has been gone for a long time, but it’s about to return.

To play Wisewands, you need a wizard. We’re going to drop 10,000 wizards on January 27, 2022. The only way to play the game is to purchase one of these wizards, or to mate two wizards to produce an offspring (more on that below), or finally, to control an instance of a wizard known as a shadow. Each wizard has a number of shadows that can be rented-out or loaned to someone in order to access the game. Without a wizard, an offspring, or a shadow, you can’t play the game. It’s therefore an elite game for an elite community that has the passion and persistence to make an investment in something incredible.

The wizard you own, rent, or borrow is your identity in the game. The stats, powers, and affinity associated with your wizard are in the Ethereum blockchain, and while you are playing, you are that wizard. Progress, rewards, and advancement within the game are stored in the cloud, independent of the blockchain. If you buy a new wizard on Opensea, or sell your wizard to someone else, progress within the game is reset for that wizard. Everyone must work their way up from the bottom in Wisewands.

While the game will be immensely fun, easy to get into, and intensely engaging, it will also be state-of-the-art. This isn’t a pixel or retro game. The art used for the NFTs will be the model for art in the game.

There is no question as to why The Bard’s Tale games are held in such high esteem; they were pioneers for RPGs that we know and love today. Many of their design choices are such that we take them for granted today, but someone had to ‘invent’ them.
Richard Dobson, The Bard’s Tale Trilogy Review, 2019

When the initial drop has passed, we will unveil a private community at the website that will allow NFT owners to measure and test their wizard’s power against different types of opponents, in preparation for gameplay. Think of it as a calculator to measure your wizard’s rarity in game scenarios. The community will also allow us to deliver special promotions and permit interested NFT holders to engage with and contribute to the game’s storyline.

We will introduce a mating process in phase 2 that will allow you to mate two of your wizards to produce an offspring. Any two wizards (regardless of gender or species) can produce an offspring (this is a realm of magic, after all). Offspring can be used to play the game, though some scenarios may not be available to them (since they’re children, in-game), but there is an optional process for them to grow-up (and if they do, the art associated with the NFT will change). We will be discussing this further once we get past the initial drop.

The first version of the game (ALPHA) is scheduled to release in the following phase. How much will be available in that release is currently unknown, but our goal is a highly playable version with a limited number of scenarios to engage you, but more to come. We will also release the Shadow Marketplace, which will allow NFT holders to rent out copies of their wizard (or lend them to friends). They will be able to set the price and length of the rental. No one will be able to play the game without a wizard (either holding the NFT or using a shadow of an NFT).  

I’m developing this game in connection with an NFT drop because the NFT world is populated by so many people who remember what games were like in the 80s. The NFT community has shown loyalty to projects that make sense, and this one makes more sense than anything else I’ve seen. I hope you feel the same way and come on this journey with us. I promise you it will be worth the wait.

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Wisewands is open to those who own our NFTs. Following launch, owners will use their Ethereum wallet to gain access. Use our contact form to join our email list.