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NFT stands for “non-fungible token,” which is a unique digital commodity stored on a blockchain. Unlike cryptocurrency, which can be traded directly for identical units of the same currency (i.e., they are fungible), NFTs are associated with assets that are valued independently of other such tokens. NFTs are frequently associated with digital art. A collection of particular NFTs (like the wizards in Wisewands) is analogous to a collection of rare, one-of-a-kind baseball cards that are assigned unique serial numbers and vary in value, depending on their rarity and stats. Because NFTs live in the blockchain, their ownership is a matter of public record and they exist in perpetuity. Once minted, your wizard will live forever.
Wisewands NFTs will be released soon. You will be able to return to the home page of this website and purchase an NFT. They will remain on sale until all 10,000 have sold. Purchasing a Wisewands NFT is a completely random process—you won’t know which wizard you’ve purchased until after you’ve bought it. The Wisewands video game will be available (ALPHA) in a later phase.
There will be a pre-sale for the loyal people that join our community early. It will open the door to mint a smaller number of wizards shortly before the launch date. Join our discord and stay in touch for more information.
Wisewands wizard NFTs will be priced TBD. Keep in mind that money raised is bootstrapping the game development.
Return to this website to mint an NFT on the launch date. To purchase one, you will need to have a MetaMask wallet containing Ethereum cryptocurrency. You can purchase Ethereum within your MetaMask wallet, which is a browser plug-in. You can download and install a MetaMask wallet for free by clicking this link.
After the initial minting, Wisewands NFTs will be available on Opensea.
Yes, almost certainly. If you're interested, join our mailing list by signing up on our contact page.
Your Wisewands wizard is your pass to participate in the video game, once it is released. Only wizards and offspring can play the game, though owners will gain the ability to rent or loan “shadows” of their wizard to others, who can then use it play the game. Within the video game, you are your wizard. For more information about the video game, click here.
When you purchase a Wisewands NFT, you own it. Ownership is mediated by the Smart Contract and Ethereum network and we can in no way modify or suspend your ownership. The NFT is yours to use to play the video game, sell on, etc. Subject to your compliance with our terms, Sundoulos LLC extends NFT owners a worldwide, perpetual license to use, copy, and display the art associated with their NFT for non-commercial purposes, though owners may use their art on a marketplace for the specific purpose of selling their NFT. Sundoulos LLC retains copyright ownership of the artwork associated with the NFT, including the exclusive use of that artwork within a game. Beyond this you are free to contact Sundoulos LLC to request limited commercial rights.
Royalties will tentatively be set at 7% to provide ongoing support to the game community and expansion of the game’s content.
The game will be distributed at no cost to NFT holders.
When Wisewands is officially deployed, it will be found on WAX. Worldwide Asset eXchangeâ„¢ (WAX) is the world's most proven and eco-friendly blockchain for NFTs, video games and collectibles.
There are approximately 150 graphical traits spread among 7 wizard base types and potentially thousands of stat variations among the 10,000 wizards.

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Sundoulos LLC is a California-based company that owns Wisewands.

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Wisewands is open to those who own our NFTs. Following launch, owners will use their Ethereum wallet to gain access. Use our contact form to join our email list.