Worldwide Press

Wisewands will emphasize gameplay first and blockchain integration as a seamless enhancement.

An Elite Game

The Wisewands game will premier on the WAX blockchain.

An Unstoppable Roadmap

Once all 10,000 wizards have been claimed, a series of mystical events will occur.

About The Project

10,000 unique collectible wizards with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.

Wizards correspond to one of seven different base types; some wizards are human, others not. Base types reflect not only species and genders but also affinities—associations with one of eight different power centers: light, darkness, fire, air, earth, water, life, and death. Each wizard uniquely possesses a combination of visual traits that distinguish it from every other wizard. Some visual traits are rarer than others, and some base types (and affinities) are rarer than others. Each wizard also has a unique set of stats that reflect strengths and weaknesses in the game. These stats are permanently stored in the Ethereum blockchain.


Unique Wizards


Base Types


Powerful Affinities

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Wisewands is open to those who own our NFTs. Following launch, owners will use their Ethereum wallet to gain access. Use our contact form to join our email list.